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What is a Vegan Diet?
  • As soon as people hear the word vegan, they wonder what that person can eat? 
  • The answer is quite a lot! A plant-based diet is rich in nutrients and there are many fruits, vegetables, gains, nuts and seed that are delicious and can give all of the nutrients a vegan needs.
  • Are there vegan alternatives to popular foods?
  • Yes! There are many vegan alternatives to popular foods, such as soy yogurt, nut cheeses, almond or cashew milk, or hemp or rice milk for those who are allergic to nuts. There are plant-based ice creams, pizzas, burgers... really almost anything can be re-created using plant-based ingredients.  
  • Where do vegans get their protein?
  • Vegans get their protein from an abundance of fruits and vegetables as well as legumes, nuts, and seeds. 
  • Are there natural sweeteners vegans use?
  • For sweetening, they might use agave nectar from a cactus instead of honey, or stevia (a South American plant) for sweetening. There are hundreds of sweetener options that are both delicious and healthy. 
  • Is a vegan diet challenging?
  • Veganism can be a bit challenging at first as it's a new lifestyle, but doing your research will make it a lot easier to live a healthier lifestyle free of eating any animal products.
Over the past 20 years, Jocelyn has developed her vegan lifestyle to help woman revitalized their bodies so they can be their best selves. Why is this mission to help women so important? If we don't take care of our bodies, where else are we going to live?
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